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Our mission: Empower restaurants to build and execute profitable growth strategies

Growdash was created to help restaurants unlock the power of analytics and business intelligence; enabling them to build and execute growth strategies that positively impact top and bottom-line profitability.

Why                 and why now?

The rise of online food delivery channels presents a growing opportunity for restaurants to capture new customers, build brands and generate more revenue than ever before, as indicated by recent studies.

By 2025, it is projected that online sales channels will contribute to more than 50% of their business. Fuelled by the transformation of consumer behaviour in the digital realm, primarily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, this has created an advantageous situation for restaurant owners and now is the time to seize this opportunity. Similar to how hospitality and e-commerce industries have adapted their strategies over the past 15 years.

The adoption of a data-driven approach is essential for restaurants to gain insights, improve efficiency, enhance customer relationships, optimise menus, and increase revenue while striving to remain profitable in a super competitive environment.


Purpose-built tools and technology solutions, such as Growdash, play a crucial role in streamlining data collection, analysis, and decision-making processes for restaurants.

Digital transformation across the pre- and post-order journey is a must in order to win vs. the competition.

Our Story

Sean and Enver met while working together at Talabat; they were part of the team responsible for building, launching and scaling Talabat's suite of advertising products, such as GEMs, CPC and Banners across the MENA region.


Post-covid, Sean and Enver both left Talabat and went their separate ways with Sean taking up a senior commercial role in the UK with Deliveroo, and Enver doing the same in the UAE with Quiqup.


Although now residing in different continents, they remained in touch, speaking regularly about the industry and the commonalities/differences of MENA vs. Europe; they noticed how restaurants were struggling to generate positive ROI from the advertising products that they had helped to introduce to the market. This frustrated them, they knew that these tools were built to provide growth opportunities for restaurants, but restaurants limited access and application of data was inhibiting them to generate actionable insights.


Instead of being part of the problem; Sean and Enver started Growdash, as a means to develop a solution and empower restaurants through analytics & BI to build and execute profitable growth strategies.

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